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Forming Process
Forming of dished ends is achieved in one of three ways:
  1. Completely spun - Ends formed using this technique are spun over a tool, which has both the spherical and the knuckle radii. This allows the end to be formed entirely on one spinning machine.
  2. Press and Flanging - A contract specific spherical radius is formed using specialist hydraulic Boldrini presses. Following this the required knuckle radius is spun using Boldrini flanging units.
  3. Spin and flanging - Unlike pressing, the spherical radius is formed by spinning the plate blank against a fixed forming tool. Forming of the knuckle radius is made in the same way as pressed ends.

Procedure of Dished-End Manufacturing

Pre Manufacturing Process :

  1. Firstly the material is being procured of the quality specified by the client.
  2. Heat Mark numbers mentioned on the material are verified and co-related with the numbers mentioned in the Manufacturer’s Test Certificate(MTC).
  3. The material is checked to verify that it is free from all visual and surface defects.
  4. The dimension of the material are co-related with the dimension mentioned in the MTC.
  5. The test piece of the material is been sent to recognised Laboratory for physical and chemical testing in accordance with the material specification.
  6. If all the above mentioned points are found fulfilled in accordance then the material is taken into manufacturing process.

Manufacuting Process :

  • Firstly the blank diameter requirement is been assessed in accordance with the specification given by the client/ code.
  • The circle is been cut as per requirement.
  • Welding of the circle is been done, if the diameter of the circle is bigger than the width of the plate.
  • Radiography Test of the Weld-Seam is performed, if required by the customer.
  • Pressing process is started of the circle for making the Crown portion of the Dished-End.
  • After making the Crown portion the piece is loaded on the Spinning Machine for making the Knuckle portion and the Straight Flange. Now the manufacturing process is completed.

Post-Manufacturing Process :

  • The complete Dished-End is checked for surface defects, to ensure that no cracks or fiction marks are developed on the Dished-End.
  • The final dimensions of the Dished-End are taken in accordance with the specified dimensions of the customer.
  • Dye Penetrant testing of Knuckle portion and Edges of the Dished-End is done to check any occurance of pin-holes or minute cracks on the surface.
  • After all these activities the Dished-End if offered for inspection to the customer for Final Inspection.
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